The personal data of the customer at the time of creation of the account, benefits society BERTASI CALZATURE and also reserves the right to disclose the information to third parties, with the agreement given by the customer.

The customer who signs up on the site, is committed to providing BERTASI CALZATURE true and correct. The information collected is necessary to manage the business relationship between each customer and the company BERTASI CALZATURE .

In the context of the issue of the order, the information provided by the customer are essential for processing and delivery of the order, and for the preparation of the bill. The absence of this information, means in consequence canceling the order.

BERTASI CALZATURE undertakes to take all necessary measures to ensure the protection, confidentiality and security of personal data (hereafter "Personal Information") that will be transmitted to BERTASI CALZATURE from any customer and what in compliance with the law and applicable.

Customer acknowledges the right of BERTASI CALZATURE to record all data related to the use of the account, especially any information relating to purchases.

Customer acknowledges accepting that the operations and automated processing of Personal Data made when creating your account and after you build it, will be carried out by BERTASI CALZATURE and / or any other partners contractually linked directly or indirectly BERTASI CALZATURE.

The information gathered as a purpose of enabling purchases and to offer promotions, sales offers and product information.

These offers and information will be sent to the customer at the discretion of BERTASI CALZATURE, with the agreement given by the customer, BERTASI CALZATURE also reserves the right to disclose to third parties the information collected.


In accordance with the law on information technology, files and freedoms No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, the customer has a right of access, modification and rectification, opposition and deletion of data concerning him at BERTASI CALZATURE and what after verification conducted BERTASI CALZATURE - if appropriate - the identity of the customer through valid ID.

The customer is also entitled to object to the processing of personal data concerning him.

• To this end, as long as the customer so requests in writing to the following address:


Piazzetta Partenio 13
37017 LAZISE
Tel: +39-(0)45-6470307

BERTASI CALZATURE offers the customer to receive via e-mail (electronic mail) information concerning the news, promotional offers, offers of sale, exclusive sales, its good business.


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